upright grave markers If there were not enough room on the single upright for all the information you would like to include, the 3’ marker would give you that space. It has an apex top and ogee shape on the plinth or sub-base. Markers; Mausoleums; Upright Monuments; Etching; American Monument Co. Often symbols and images that have special meaning for loved ones are carved into the stone. 2 out of 5 stars 15 $36. Grave markers typically feature a smaller amount of text than other types of headstones, but a wide variety of images, designs, and symbols are available to help memorialize the one you love. Bevel and Flat Markers. 2422 Seymour Ave. All of these terms are synonymous in general use. Upright headstones with scenery engravings are perfect for anyone who appreciated nature. Loveland, CO, 80538 (970) 663-0025. $2,399. An Upright Headstone is maybe the most common headstone seen all over North America and into Northern Europe. 00 . We also offer funeral pre-planning and carry a wide selection of caskets, vaults, urns and burial containers. These unique shapes come in varying sizes, thicknesses and granite colors. The text, graphics and pictures are permanently engraved into the granite. Cemetery memorials come in a variety of shapes and colors. A simple, yet classic looking design, an upright headstone can be designed to achieve almost any type of look. 66th St. All of which are fully customizable. If You Need a Custom Monument or Headstone, West Memorials Can Design a Unique Cemetery Memorial . We specialize in helping people in this hard time. 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; Next We use only the finest materials to produce slant and upright headstones, grave markers, and monuments, and we custom design and build a variety of civic memorials. There are many different options such as shape, color & texture when looking at an upright memorial. Double Upright Monuments (for two or more full grave spaces only) typically range in size from 30-inch dies on 40-inch bases to 72-inch dies on 84-inch bases. Headquarters 123 W. 99 With 6-generations of monument and memorial making knowledge, HeritageHeadstones. Beveled A grave marker provides an opportunity to make a permanent statement about a special life. Custom Signs; Military Memorials; Civic & Public Memorials; Cremation Memorials. UPRIGHT MONUMENTS The traditional monument lends itself to a simple or elaborate design, finished with a polished face and back with a natural rock look on the sides Rose Hill Cemetery Upright Headstone-min Rose Hill Cemetery Upright Monument Gray Granite-min Upright Monuments This is a two piece memorial consisting of a tablet that can be 6″, 8″ or 10″ thick and a base that can vary in size depending on design. These monuments have the ability to designed or created in such a manner that no two are the same. Single upright monuments, or “individual” upright monuments are generally taller than they are wide, while double upright monuments or Single Upright Monuments (for one grave space) typically range in size from 20-inch dies on 28-inch bases to 24-inch dies on 30-inch bases. Top portion is know as a "die", the bottom portion referred to as the "base". Gehl such as Upright Monuments, Custom Memorials, Slant on Base Markers, Slant Markers, Bevel Markers, Flat Markers and Bench Markers. Upright Headstones. View our Granite Monuments & Memorials Photo Gallery » Cemetery Headstones in Brooklyn on YP. Upright monuments are granite headstones in a tablet style that sit upon a granite base and are set on a concrete foundation. At Schlitzberger and Daughters, we offer a large variety of standard cemetery monument and headstone styles and designs from which to choose. Slant Headstones are gravestones that sit at the “top” portion of the grave/memorial plot, otherwise known as the head of the plot. Upright Monuments & Headstones- Gallery 2. A single upright monument is a two-piece unit with a top piece (die) and bottom piece (base). An upright cemetery memorial provides a family with the maximum surface area to create a personalized tribute. All Proud Members of the Slotnick, Canter, Schneider Memorial Group Family. Resting atop a similar color base, the Monument will stand proudly and honor them for generation to come. Granite offers more resistance to the elements, such as rain, wind, and even the harsh sunlight, which ensures the memorial will not only withstand the natural forces, but look as elegant as when it was first placed. We offer a variety of colors and styles from manufacturers such as McNeill,W. Garden Memorials Granite cemetery memorials also called headstones, tombstones, or upright grave markers, are comprised of an upright engraved stone sitting on a matching base. You can generally find tablets in two thicknesses: 6-inches or 8-inches. These are also referred to as single tombstones, single headstones, single memorials, single monuments, and single upright grave markers. Browse our custom design gallery and contact us if you would like for us to make, deliver, and install a custom monument. A photo tile or a favorite verse or saying gives a marker an added level of personalization, but many people opt only for names and dates. Browse our upright monument design gallery by clicking on the photos below. Design Portfolio - Upright Monuments. Upright Monuments. South Texas Memorials - Upright Memorials - san antonio, TX Established in 1873, Lowell Granite Company, the oldest monument company in West Michigan has been consistently producing some of the finest memorials and cemetery monuments to be found anywhere, for over 140 years. Upright double inscription monuments are the most common monument and encompass hundreds of shapes, styles and colors. Nov 03, 2020 · There are several different names for grave markers: cemetery headstones, grave headstones, memorial headstones, granite headstones, bronze markers, affordable headstones, discount headstones, upright headstones to name but a few. We also offer a French curve design with a heavenly collage to serve as the backdrop to your loved one’s photographs. com. Free (Upright) In Ground Grave Marker. HMGYGS Memorial Stones for Loved Ones, Headstones for Grave, Grave Markers for Cemetery for Humans. Email Us. Raised monuments include bevel and slant, while upright monuments sit straight up on a base and can be several feet high (see examples below). Listed on the page below are examples and samples to help. The top piece is known as a “tablet” or “die” and the bottom is called a “base”. Two Valley Locations UPRIGHT MONUMENTS. 814-669-1316 Monuments come in many sizes, colors, and shapes. Serving Area Families Since 1950 Monument providers offer a wide range of grave markers for pets. We have various standard and custom upright shapes and sizes from which to choose. Cheyenne, WY, 82001 (307) 426-5518 Headstones Whittier California USA. The selection of an upright monument can be an emotionally taxing process, and it is our goal to help guide you through. Each and every customer is of the utmost importance to! Stop by for as much advice and information as we can provide, with no pressure, cost or commitment! Information is free! Upright monuments are most commonly used as headstones in cemeteries throughout the world. Visit The Website For Custom Flat Marker Designs and Call Love Markers Today. The cemetery will give you a size range for any given gravesite and you can choose the style and color as long as it conforms with the cemetery requirements. Full service monument dealer manufactures upright monuments and grave markers, provides cemetery lettering cleaning and resealing upright monuments, installation of urns, pictures and bronze plaques and statues. 869 Cypress Avenue, TX-204, Cushing, TX 75760. Companion headstones are made for two “Some only allow very minimal monuments, such as a simple flat, bronze marker. We offer a wide variety of granite memorials in all shapes, sizes and colors. Headstones can include lettering and emblems to match footstones or benches, and can be color matched as well. Upright Monuments An upright monument is the classic tribute to your loved one. Choose from a wide variety of styles from P. Our selection of upright stone monuments, flat stone markers, or bronze memorials and markers is second to none. SB02 Cremation Bench . With unlimited design options, varying shapes and sizes are only limited by cemetery regulations. Gaulden Monuments specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind memorials and monuments. One Of The First Upright Monuments. 524 W. Design Now Details . When you find a picture of one you like, click on the "Request a Price Estimate" to get information about prices or call 305-594-4628 to talk to the City Monument Company about designing an upright granite monument for your family. An upright marker is comprised of two or more pieces: an upright piece called a "tablet" and the lower piece, called a "base". You will want to choose your color, your design and your lettering. Sun City Granite Headstone Gave Marker Company has provided Whittier is a city in Los Angeles County, California about 12 miles southeast of Los Angeles and surrounding areas with personalized Grave Markers monuments, headstones and memorial design services since 1991. Norman and Beamer. Burleson Monument's services include engraving, a computer generated drawing, free shipping and cemetery required documents, at no additional charge. The top section of the upright granite headstone is sealed to the base that features a polished top with the rough cut front, back and sides. Price quotes are without cost or obligation on your part and will be honored at any of our distributors for 60 days from the date of quote. Many beautiful colors, letter styles, and custom scenes are available. Testimonials I am so pleased with the monument that I was helped to choose by the gentlemen at Lawson's. Check with your cemetery before ordering, if you are placing it on their grounds. We offer all types of memorial products: upright monuments, bench memorials, monubenches, columbaria, mausoleums, custom carvings, statues, flat grass markers as well as other custom products. Before purchasing, Fram Monument Company will confirm whether your cemetery allows upright monuments, and if so, which styles, colors, sizes, and placements of monuments are acceptable. A typical slant headstone is 16 to 18 inches tall, 10 inches thick, and 24 to 36 inches wide. We refer to the upright stone as a “die” and it sits on top of a base that will be proportional to the size Wisconsin Memorial Group offers Upright Grave Markers throughout Medford, Rhinelander, Shawano, Wausau Triple Upright Headstones - McKinney-Brown Funeral Home & Monuments offers a variety of funeral services, from traditional funerals to competitively priced cremations, serving Liberty, KY and the surrounding communities. At St. Includes two 9" flower vases that can be engraved on front and back sides. Available with or without granite flower vases. 4537 | Contact Us Individual or Single Upright Memorials consist of 2 pieces, the base which sits on the ground and an upright, called the "Die". Upright Monuments The choice of a monument is perhaps the greatest possible expression of love, honor, and the eternal bonds of family history. There are many different sizes, shapes, and colors of granite to choose from. 00 – $ 4,769. The only complete manufacturing facility of granite headstones and bronze grave markers in the Kansas City area. $43. Below are examples of three different options when is comes to polished sides. Most cemeteries regulate the size, finish, color and sometimes design engraved on the monument. A single or companion headstones can be designed as well. Franklin, OH 45005 Office (937)746-2975 Single/Double Upright Headstone. Upright monuments can be any size, shape or color, and unlike flat or bevel stones can be seen from a distance. The experienced stonemasons, certified memorialists, memorial masons, sculptors and Childs’ Monument Works sells granite monuments and cemetery memorials, sometimes called headstones or upright grave markers, provides sandblast cleaning and lettering of stone memorials and installs granite memorials and monuments. 00. Offered in both contemporary and traditional styles, each of our custom monuments, gravestones and headstones are handcrafted to your exacting standards and specifications. 00 – $ Bronze & Granite Cemetery Grave Markers, Shipped Free Throughout The US. Every headstone in this collection includes free shipping and our lifetime guarantee against deterioration, cracking, or discoloration. Single Double Upright Flush (*) Fields Are Mandatory. F. Get ideas for short epitaphs, inscriptions, quotes, verses, poems and sayings for Miami cemetery headstones, tombstones, flat markers, upright monuments, family memorials, bronze plaques and gravestones. We offer a variety of designs for family, companion, and individual monuments. CLICK HERE TO GET A FREE QUOTE! 1095 N. com Single upright grave markers with bases, upright headstones, grave markers, monuments, memorials at affordable prices. Double upright and companion headstones available in several colors and styles made from top quality granite stone. Larger than a headstone or grave marker, an upright monument is a polished slab of granite that stands upright on a granite base. Not all cemeteries allow these monuments so please consult your cemetery prior to ordering your headstone. 99 $ 36 . Pederson, Gale & Brenda 1. Burial headstones are upright granite monuments for the same identification purpose. Cremation Memorials. The vertical piece is called a die. Single Upright Monuments (for one grave space) typically range in size from 20-inch dies on 28-inch bases to 24-inch dies on 30-inch bases. The top of the memorial can have either a flat, serpentine, or At Davidson Monument Company, we offer a wide variety of companion upright monuments intended to honor your loved one for lifetimes. 4. Roselawn Memorial Park has set aside a special area for those who prefer an upright monument. You want to celebrate the wonderful memories that you have, as well as 610-921-2331 - Laureldale Cemetery & Rhoads Memorials - FREE consultations. The bottom piece is known as a "base" and is typically 6" tall x 12" thick x 32" wide. Cemetery Monuments, Headstones, Markers, Gravestones, Granite Signs, Benches, Lettering, Engraving, Etching, and Sandblasting. These monuments are most commonly used when a family has more than one lot. Learn more about upright vertical standing headstones and grave markers. There are a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors and sizes available as well as a large selection of engraving options from which to choose. This blue/gray stone is widely used throughout the U. We can help design any style monument at some of the most affordable prices in our area. Call Today 36″ x 6″ x 24″ Serp Top Upright Headstone polished top, front and back with 60″ Base and two square tapered Vases $ 2,429. Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm Upright Monuments Rex Monumental Works can help you create the perfect monument to memorialize your loved ones. At Johnson Monument, LLC, monuments come in many varieties and are often referred to as upright memorials or headstones. Phillips Monuments Company provides custom granite cemetery memorials designed to your specifications. A gravesite monument headstone refers to an upright memorial headstone that is placed at a grave. C lose to 50 percent of the monuments created by our family are considered upright monuments. We've crafted hundreds of different shapes for our customers. Some of your options here might include upright markers in shapes such as crosses, hearts, or angels. 1630 S Main St, Delta, CO 81416 (970) 323-6658; Sales@morrismonument. Slant Markers. However, Upright Monuments can also be completely custom made. Charles Monuments, we understand how difficult and tempestuous the time immediately following the loss of a loved one can be. As a family owned and operated business we eliminate the middle man and pass the savings on to you. We can customize any design you see here to fit your needs, or we can work with you to create something more personalized. Granite Headstones & Bronze Grave Markers. Buy online and save. Showing 1–20 of 25 results Sale! 18″ x 6″ x 24″ Serp Top Upright Headstone polished front and back with 24″ Base $ 1,449. and is the most common granite used for monuments. Xenia, OH 45385. Upright Tablet Monuments; Wing Style Monuments; Memorial Design Board; Morris Monument. Most of our cemetery grave markers and memorial products can be ordered online. Prices start at $910, shipping included within the Contiguous US. Mathewson Monuments offers only Top Quality, Guaranteed Granite, Marble, Bronze Monuments, Mausoleums and Cremation Memorials. Size and shape can vary greatly and are limited by cemetery regulations. Usually 4" thick and may be used for an individual or as a double width for a companion. 608. Get the best deals on Cemetery Headstones & Grave Markers when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. LYNCH Supply offers the very best in temporary grave markers, call us today. Slant Monuments Mounted On A Base Single Or Double The Slant Monument on a base is essentially the same as the slant monument with the added granite stone base upon which the monument is placed. The Combined Expertise of Slotnick Monuments of North Shore - Sam Canter and Sons of Chelsea - United Memorials of Worcester - Slotnick's Metro West Monuments of Framingham. Celebrate Your Memories. 5" × 7" × 3" 4. Personalized Stones Losing a loved one is a painful, emotional time. Monuments come in just about any width and height and memorialize both individuals and families / groups. A simple definition of this type of monument is “a monument that is made up of two pieces that sit on top of one another). Granite Markers * Memorials * Gravestones * Headstones * Cemetery Monuments * Statues …We thought the memorial looked great… Thanks again! ~ Peggy Cahill. See more ideas about headstones, tombstone designs, monument. Uncategorized. Huntingdon, PA 16652. Get prices and ordering information for cemetery monuments. Some families prefer the heft and shine of granite. Contact Us. We offer from single or double upright headstones, slants, flat grass markers, and other options. Monuments Monuments (also known as "headstones" and "tombstones") are designed to stand upright, and usually consist of two pieces - an upright granite stone (known as the "die" or "tablet") placed on top of a slightly wider granite base. This memorial also has Strassaker bronze attachments. Patrick’s Cemetery in Huntington, Holy Rood Cemetery in Westbury, Melville Cemetery, Huntington Rural Cemetery, Greenfield Cemetery in Hempstead, Commack Cemetery Gingrich Memorials, 568 North Union Street, Middletown, PA, 17057, United States 717-944-3441 andy@gingrichmemorials. Single Monuments David DeFilippo 2021-01-02T20:15:06-05:00 Single upright headstones are generally for 1 or 2 persons. We design, manufacture, and install stone and bronze monuments and markers in cemeteries across Georgia. Like a headstone, it can memorialize a single person, companions or even a family. Varying in shapes from a serpentine top, square cut, or even a unique oval shape. Do you want to create a lasting tribute for a loved one? Contact Montrose Memorials today to learn about our custom headstones and memorials in Philadelphia! Single upright monuments are a smaller version of our standard upright memorial for a single person. upright stone slabs used in cemeteries as gravestones are called. S. Upright memorials are crafted from granite and stand straight up and down on a base. 95. Whatever personalized grave marker you select, Memorial Design will work diligently with you to design and create a marker as individual as the loved one you are memorializing. Copyright © [VJ Memorials] [2019] All Rights Reserved Standard Upright Monuments Standard 1-8 x 0-8 x 2-0 Monuments Headstones require a lot of planning and thought. Monument headstones are usually made from granite and are available in a single or companion option. Losing a loved one is a painful, emotional time. Grave markers can be referred to as headstones, markers, memorials, tombstones, gravestones, grass markers, flat markers and monuments. We recommended smaller memorials, such upright headstones, slant grave markers, or the simplest flat markers. Upright monuments are highly customizable to provide a tribute that will represent the memory of their life. This is the most popular way due to the space available to add design and lettering to your custom headstone. Phone: 360-694-1832 503-284-1268 Houston, TX industry leading memorial monuments and headstone design and engraving company specilizing in monuments, gravestone, tombstone, urn, cemetery lot, funeral needs. This memorial is shown in grey granite but can be ordered in any color or size to meet you or your cemetery requirements if any. Upright Monuments Granite cemetery memorials also called headstones, tombstones, or upright grave markers, are comprised of an upright engraved stone sitting on a matching base. Produced By American Monument In 1983. Browse our upright monument design galleries that feautre Jewish monument designs by clicking on the photos below. Upright Monuments Click on any of the uprights and start designing your own today! If there is something different you want for the artwork or you want to add additional artwork to the back of the monument then call us 1-800-285-2979 and we will be happy to create the artwork for you. U104 Single Upright Serptop Headstone 48"x6"x24" Top with 60"x12"x6" Base. Choose from materials such as granite, marble, and bronze, and a variety of script styles. We have all types of grave markers and headstones for sale such as Bronze Grave Markers, Slant Headstones, Upright Headstones, and we even have custom headstones. Upright Monuments; Urns & Vases; In-Stock Monuments; Design Tools. Bronze Plaques. Upright Monuments are an excellent choice for unique, custom-engraved designs and personalization because they can vary greatly in size and shape, limited only by the cemetery's regulations. $2,649. Companion Monuments are designed gravestones for two people. We have individual and companion monuments. Monuments of Vertical Upright Headstones & Estate Monuments An estate or vertical monument is usually a larger, more elegant design that can mark an individual or family plot. What goes on a monument, its shape, size, the type of granite, and even how it needs to be installed will determine the price. The tradition Upright Tablet Monuments are the ultimate in memorial tributes. Upright grave monuments An upright granite monument is a truly stately memorial choice. Uprights are two-piece units with a matching top piece called the tablet or die, and bottom piece called the base. No commissioned salespeople. When you find a picture of one you like, click on the "Request a Price Estimate" to get information about prices or call 773-764-7600 to talk to Kornick & Berliner Monument Company about designing an upright granite monument for your family. Upright monuments come in a variety of styles and options. Vermont Granite Works can provide you with all of the above and more…see our different styles of monuments below. Others only allow larger monuments, and some have no rules at all pertaining to the size,” explains Latyshko. Upright Monuments and upright headstones are larger than other grave markers and certainly an impressive sight in any cemetery. We feature the finest granite monuments in traditional and contemporary designs. $3,899. Cemetery Monuments, Granite Markers, Gravestones, Headstones, Grave Markers, Grass Markers, Tombstones, Markers, Flush Memorials, Grave Memorials, Monuments, Upright Monuments and Family Monuments. A single, smaller-sized upright monument is also available for an individual inscription. Upright Monuments . 307 results. American Monument Co. We offer Monuments, Markers and Mausoleums. The art work and finish of the granite is top quality! "Getting it perfect" was your goal and we are forever grateful to you! I particularly appreciated your following through with all the details. To that end pet parents feel it is appropriate to honor their beloved pet’s memory with a traditional pet grave marker. These pictures below show only We design and manufacture flat markers and upright monuments for families that live in southwestern Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa and also deliver gravestones to cemeteries located in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa tri-state area. com Upright memorials (often called monuments) consist of two pieces of granite. Used at the head of many final resting places, upright monuments commonly share the name, birth, and death dates of the individual’s life. Let Us Work With You To Create A Beautiful Work of Custom Art. Hours: M-F 8am to 5pm Sat 9am to 1pm. 6. A. Most granite ship within 5-10 days and normal delivery time is about 10-14 days. * Upright Monuments: available as either individual or companion memorials. Let Lancaster Monument Company help you design and create a special memory. How We’re Different From Other Kansas City Granite Headstones and Bronze Grave Markers Companies. Engraving, etching, golf leaf, sandblasting. Our design portfolio below features dozens of examples for your consideration. Browse the images below to see some examples of our work. Individual Flat Grave Markers; Companion Flat Grave Markers; Child and Infant Flat Grave Markers; Granite Benches. Hundreds of choices to choose from. Indoor Display & Main Office Monday - Thursday: 8am-4pm Friday: 8am-3pm Browse our upright monument design galleries that feautre Jewish monument designs by clicking on the photos below. Upright Monuments stand above the level of the grave, can be any shape and size, and are typically 6 to 8 inches thick. 95 $ 43. Many other monument retailers and cemeteries out-source the most important part of the process-the actual carving of the memorial. Personalize Your Own Online. Garden Memorials Cemetery memorials and gravestones come in a variety of shapes and colors. Upright Monuments We looked around a few places to check prices for an upright headstone but none of them could compare to Headstone World. Family owned and operated for four generations, Deveney & White Memorials prides itself on designing the highest quality monuments in Quincy, Dorchester and Boston Massachusetts. Pertee Monuments, LLC is a local, family-owned, family ran business based in Wayne County, Ohio, serving local and all surrounding areas. We can design angels, crosses, hearts and floral headstones. Our upright monuments are available to distinguish a companion lot or a family lot. They can also be enhanced and personalized with the addition of vases, photos and etchings. Memorial Monuments offers cemetery headstones, monuments, tombstones, memorials, bronze cemetery grave markers, granite cemetery grave markers, bronze vases, granite vases, serving Fort Worth, Arlington and all of Tarrant County, Texas. Name * Phone * Email * We provide single grass-level markers, companion grass-level markers, single bevel markers, companion bevel markers, single slant monuments, companion slant monuments, single upright monuments and companion upright monuments, memorial benches and cremation benches, all of which may be customized with emblems, etchings, porcelain photos and Flat markers in granite, marble, and bronze and upright headstones in granite and marble are available. Indoor Display & Main Office Monday - Thursday: 8am-4pm Friday: 8am-3pm Upright Monuments. Contact us today for a FREE quote and information. #U1 - Hatfield Model #718 (3-6 x 0-6 x 2-0) Design #77-278 "Peaceful Scene, Cultivated Roses" REMCO Black Granite Click on the Image to Enlarge Where Integrity, Quality & Craftsmanship Come Together. Loos Family Monuments offers upright headstones in many standard shapes and sizes including single and companion configurations, in a variety of granite colors and/or bronze, typefaces and customization options. The die is generally 6″ or 8″ thick and polished on the front, back, and top. They had the best deal for what we were asking and it was about $500-700 less than the other places. Also known as a headstone or tombstone, upright granite monuments are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. Cemeteries generally refer to the upright memorials as monuments and the flat headstones as grave markers. However, you can get cemetery headstones that have unique shapes or themed designs already. The style chosen must be permitted by the officials in charge of the private cemetery where it will be placed. Step 1 of 2 50%. German-crafted Memorials. It is important that the delivery destination is properly equipped to offload the granite memorial otherwise it cannot be delivered there. Headstone deals selling all kind of grave markers and upright headstones with free shipping option for 48 contiguous states (800) 250-6778 sales@headstonedeals. Design Books. View upright and family monuments designs and pictures manufactured for Iowa families and cemeteries and ordering information by clicking on the upright monuments pictured below. * Flat Grave Markers or Flush Markers: designed to lie flat at lawn level. These would be appropriate for a single or double depth plot. If there is something that you had in mind that you do not see on our website, we can have a design custom made as you would like it. Granite monuments. 2020 Memorial Design Book; Premier Memorial Design Book; Design Elements Design Book; Memorial Designs Design Book; Monument Design Collection Book; Memorial Design Collection Book Monuments come is a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. These monuments can have similar designs to the larger versions, but are more compact for smaller spaces. Headstonesusa. An upright monument stands upright on a base. Main St. The Slant Marker sits in an upright position and gives the appearance of the more expensive upright without the high cost. Bronze niche markers are also available to mark columbaria used for inurnment of cremated remains. Design Now Upright Monuments. A monument is an important purchase: it tells a story and commemorates a life. Contact us to design the monument of your choice. Contact Us for free estimate. This is a gallery of the different varieties of Nationwide Monument's upright monument designs. We are direct from the quarries and very reasonable. Upright monuments come in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, and colors. In contrast to lawn-level markers, raised and upright granite monuments can be seen and admired from a distance. A single, smaller-sized upright monument is generally used for an individual. There are two main types of burial monuments: A flat grave marker and a raised headstone. Upright Monuments bmbyars 2019-10-17T10:23:09+00:00. We have a variety of pet headstones and pet grave markers including dog headstones, cat headstones, upright pet monuments and natural rock pet gravestones. com delivers the finest quality headstones for sale with friendly customer service. A double upright monument is a two-piece unit with a top piece (die) and bottom piece (base), fashioned to accommodate two or more inscriptions. Get ideas for epitaphs, inscriptions and sayings for headstones, tombstones, flat markers, upright monuments, family memorials, bronze plaques and gravestones. Others like the classic look of bronze. Some examples we have created in the past include two column monument designs, wing monuments, heart shaped and obelisk monuments. Family owned and operated since 1883. Click on any of the images below to zoom in. At Pacific Coast Memorials, we specialize in custom upright monuments. Workmanship GUARANTEE. There is something special to say about everyone but summarizing a life in just a few words can be very difficult. The Slant Markers come with a polished face, and have rock pitched edges. If you are considering upright headstones as an option, you may already know that they can be customized for either a companion or single grave, and they can also be carved with an epitaph of your choice. The albums below represent just a sample of the single upright monuments options that are available through Gulf Coast Monuments. A name you can trust. Upright monuments also come in many unique shapes such as hearts, angels, heart-angel combinations, crosses, teardrops, obelisks and numerous other shapes. Send us a message and we will get back to you very soon. The upright headstone is one of the more common grave markers seen today. I wanted my mother to have simple elegance and I adore the design and look of authenticity to likeness that I got. Edgewood Monuments is a proud family-owned business with a focus on excellent customer service and custom upright headstones, flat cemetery markers, granite memorials, slant gravestones, as well as maintenance, cleaning & restoration, installation and other services located in Puyallup, Washington. They can be flush to the ground (lawn level), slightly pitched (bevel), slanted (slant), or an upright monument which is usually a tablet on a base. 0. These come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. They are available in many shapes and sizes, and can be fashioned to meet your needs. The advantage of a slanted grave marker, as opposed to a lawn-level or bevel grave marker, is that it is easily visible from a distance. One of the options you can choose from on some monuments is how many sides of the top base of the monument is polished. is a With a customizable upright monument, Eastern Iowa Monuments can help you create a unique memorial that will reflect your loved one’s life. Affordable upright headstones and in-ground grave markers usually have an option that lets you choose personal designs you can add to them. These granite cemetery markers are an everlasting tribute to your loved one Hitchcock Memorials - Single Upright & Infant Markers Single and infant markers will include full name, date of birth and date of death (full dates or year dates). A general rule of thumb is that the more polish a monument has, the more expensive it can be. Grave markers are flat bronze plaques installed on a granite stone base for the purpose of identifying the deceased. Upright monuments are a great way to mark the grave of your loved one. With the large front and back polished faces you can be sure to have enough space to tell your loved one’s full story in beautiful granite engraving. With these monuments, you can have one or two names, dates and senitments. Upright memorials come […] somiss Pet Memorial Stones for Cats,Personalized Cat Memorial Stones Grave Markers Features A 3-D Cat,All Content is Customizable,8. Upright memorials sit on a base and are securely set on a foundation. L. The thickness of the tablet you will need will be determined by the height of the base you choose. Die: 36” x 24” Base: 48” x 12” A 3’ Die can be used for either a single grave marker or a double grave marker. Our granite monument sales are available for both the wholesale and retail markets. com, our headstones, markers, memorials, tombstones, gravestones, grass markers, flat markers, and monuments are all made of solid granite Most headstones and grave markers containing granite weighing in excess of 150 lbs are shipped via freight carrier and must ship directly to the cemetery or a business address. > Monuments Upright Monuments Slant Monuments Estate Monuments Specialty Headstone Designs > Grave Markers Granite Markers Bronze Markers > Memorial Vases > Memorial Benches > Signs Granite Signs Bronze Signs > Civic Memorials > Engraved Brick Fund Raising . Monument: Width 1’8’’ Depth 8’’ Height 2’ (1-8x0-8x2-0) Typically allowed in St. Upright grave markers today are made from durable granite stone, as opposed to the marble and even limestone memorials of days past. We offer many size and design options. Prayer Mountain Monuments 1318 Pennsylvania Avenue. Find, Save and Share Designs You Like If you find a monument or memorial that you like, you can add it to “ My Family's Favorite Designs ”, share the design on social media, email the design to a family member, request a price The upright tablets in this gallery are meant to be used to identify a desired monument shape or style, but can be customized for use as either an individual or a companion tablet, with or without any included bronze or other design element pictured. The die is typically 24" tall x 8" thick x 20" wide but can be custom made to any size. We believe that a quality headstone serves a stronger purpose than the marking of a grave. We also offer a huge inventory or Urns and our exclusive Art Urns offered only by our company. Every upright monument we create is unique. For generations to come, your monument will stand gloriously as a fond yet dignified testimony of the lives of those in your family. Our highly skilled team of designers and craftsman can create just about anything you can image. 937-372-4408 937-372-4408. Memorialize your loved ones with a well designed, custom headstone that reflects on their life. com Cemetery Monuments, Headstones, Markers, Gravestones, Granite Signs, Benches, Lettering, Engraving, Etching, and Sandblasting. Upright monuments provide a space for lettering the names and dates and the front and mounting memorial plaques like bronze veteran markers on the back. Choose side by side companion upright headstones, memorials and monuments for graves in Washington D. Our finishing plant, office and display is located in Conway, South Carolina. The second piece of granite is called a base of granite. Some are traditionally carved, while others have diamond point etched designs. We will work with you every step of the way, giving your monument the care and attention it rightfully deserves. We offer a tremendous selection of upright monuments, from single to companions. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Monuments in Brooklyn, NY. com The history of the tradition of any headstone is long and rich and, therefore, upright standing grave markers are known by many other names that have gone in an out of popular usage over the years. At BuyGraveMarkers. Contact us today at 916-441-2846 or 916-624-1176 in Sacramento, CA and Rocklin CA for more information about our upright monuments Welcome to Coastal Monument At Coastal Monument Company we specialize in fine Memorials, made from Granite, Marble, and Bronze. Our Work. Click on any image below to enlarge. See full list on northlandmonument. We will contact you within 48 hours. Click on the images above to view upright and family monuments designs and pictures manufactured for Wisconsin cemeteries by the Krause Monument Company. Double Upright Headstones - McKinney-Brown Funeral Home & Monuments offers a variety of funeral services, from traditional funerals to competitively priced cremations, serving Liberty, KY and the surrounding communities. View Our Upright Portfolio Slant Grave Markers Slant Markers are set to stand upright, earned its name from the cut of the marker's face. C and Maryland (VA). There are four fundamental choices to make when purchasing a cemetery monument; (1) color of granite (2) shape of the granite (3) size of memorial and (4) artwork and design. These popular markers are sure to meet your specific needs. Companion Upright Monuments are monuments dedicated to the lives of two or more people & are available in many colors, shapes & sizes. Roselawn offers an easy […] Since 1967, Giles Monument Company has been carving fine granite monuments for the families of Waxahachie, Ennis, Red Oak, Midlothian and the communities surrounding Ellis County, including Dallas. They come in many different shapes, sizes and granite colors. Framingham Location. These upright memorials can be customized as with all of our memorials by adding ceramic photos, laser plaque inserts with laser etched photos and more. Double upright and companion headstones with bases. Know if the Cemetery Bans Upright Headstones. Quality Monuments, McDaniel Memorial, Mastercarved Memorials. Gulf Coast Wilbert and Gulf Coast Monuments Offer Single Upright Monuments. The die is installed on the base. $7. They can be any size and made for an individual … Vancouver, WA Location. With our 3rd generation of family craftsmanship, we put our heart and caring touch into every memorial stone that we carve. 6 out of 5 stars 105. Usually single monuments are 20 to 36 inches long and 20 to 48 inches tall. Upright Granite Grave Monuments & Designer Gravestones For over a century, we have been creating designer upright tombstones for graves and memorial headstones for all cemeteries in British Columbia. We refer to the upright stone as a “die” and it sits on top of a base that will be proportional to the size Upright headstones, grave stones, burial markers. We are members of the Monument Builders of Nort Companion Upright. Laser Etchings. The tablet is placed on the base, which is then placed on a concrete foundation. A number of headstones and grave markers were inscribed with amusing or thought-provoking epitaphs. 2 days ago · Granite Cemetery Monuments sometimes called memorials, headstones, tombstones, or upright grave markers can be any size. Looking for a beautiful grave marker or monument for a loved one. Monuments of Upright Monuments GLASS ART ETCHINGS, HANTOOLED V-SUNK FAMILY NAME, CLICK TO ENLARGE AND AGAIN TO MAXIMIZE Black Mist Granite, Hand tooled cross and Family name. Charles/Resurrection Cemetery (some sections excluded) also in/but not limited to: Queen of All Saints Cemetery in Central Islip, St. Typically it will have a polished face or can be steeled, which is a smooth, but natural finish. Statues are also considered upright monuments. View our gallery of upright memorials here, or come visit our showroom with more than 30 monuments on display. The serpentine top stands 24" tall and rests on a 6" base. Upright monuments come in a wide variety of standard designs which are then customized to a family’s specifications. Some cemeteries prefer flat bronze grave markers to be installed because it is easier to cut the grass. Upright monuments. Upright Display Monuments Utilizing quality stone, marble and granite to create timeless final remembrances for our lost loved ones are one of the most popular monuments due to their elegance, design and visibility. Benches. They can be any size and made for an individual or companions. 723. Single Upright Monuments. Below are just a few examples of Single Upright Monuments. Call 1-800-235-4573 Custom Granite Double Upright Gravestones . Share with: Upright Monuments The most choice you have in memorializing your loved one is the upright monument. Back to Monument Types. Child and Infant Upright Headstones; Flat Grave Markers. Our Pet Upright Grave Marker is made of solid polished black granite and is a perfect lasting memorial for your beloved pet. 6007 E 18th St Vancouver, WA 98661. 00 Choose your Color Upright Black Granite Laser-Engraved Headstones are made of solid polished black granite and are a perfect lasting memorial for your loved one. We provide our customers with the highest quality product with the best value and service. Centralia Monument has over a Upright Monuments A Northland Upright Monument is just that, an upright tablet grave marker with both a polished front and back face allowing you to carve and sculpt just about any thing. Nov 28, 2019 - Explore Rome Monuments's board "Monuments - For Husband and Wife", followed by 523 people on Pinterest. Granite Monubenches; Classic Granite Benches; Civic, Military, Signs. The company has been family-owned and managed since 1960. Upright monuments and upright headstones can commemorate one or more people or even a family. From traditional name and date engraving to shape carved angels that lift your loved ones monument to new heights, towering high above all that lay before it. BRONZE GRAVE MARKERS Upright Monuments: Back to Monument Types. Call: 888-257-3130 Upright Monuments. Able Blue, our quarry's name for Georgia Gray Granite, is one of the most economical granites to quarry and produce. This beautiful headstone is custom-etched using state-of-the-art laser equipment to produce your tribute in stunning detail. Mathewson Monuments is a full service monument factory providing exceptional craftsmanship with every monument including granite monuments, marble monuments, bronze monuments, mausoleums and cremation memorials. Headstones: High Quality Granite Upright Monuments (Angels, Crosses, Hearts & Serpentine Top) We provide a wide variety of upright monuments. Pet loss, for many, has been equated to human loss. Customization of the basic designs is also available. Monument Colors; Fonts & Lettering; Design Artwork; Epitaphs; Helpful Resources. New Jersey Headstones is a family owned, New Jersey based monument company that offers headstones, gravestones, and grave markers at wholesale prices! At New Jersey Headstones we understand that purchasing a headstone, monument or grave marker can be an overwhelming experience. Visit the post for more. Although the overwhelming majority of memorials we produce are serpentine top with corner carvings, the Whittaker memorial is Wearly Monuments. The top and sides can be either be rock pitch (natural rock look) or polished. Headstones U. The flat headstone might be either set flush to the ground or it can be a little bit raised off the ground as well, for instance, a bevel marker . 00 shipping This upright is polished on both the front and back sides to allow for engraving. com Single upright headstones and single upright monuments are larger than other grave markers and certainly an impressive sight in any cemetery. Home; Services; Products Upright monuments are most commonly used as headstones in cemeteries throughout the world. upright grave markers

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